Hunger Facts
"Hunger knows no friend, but its feeder."

There is no doubt that our current economic climate has impacted families right here in Amador County. The numbers, while somewhat startling, tell one story; but, there is more to it than just statistics. The reality of the situation is that every monetary donation, even a few dollars, and every donation of food, from one can to a grocery bag full, makes a difference. Take a look at the following facts:

In our own community of Amador County...

  • In 2016, the Interfaith Food Bank served 2,301 families.
  • 16% of the population in Amador County received food from the Interfaith Food Bank.
  • Figures report that 13% of Amador County lives below the government poverty level and has an unemployment rate of 5.5%.
  • Many of our clients are working but not in jobs that pay a sustainable living wage
Did you know...

ONE carton of oatmeal fills THIRTY bowls?

ONE five-lb. bag of carrots serves FIFTEEN?

ONE family-size container of beef stew will feed FIVE?

When you "stock up" at the grocery store, you can greatly impact many people in need just by adding in an extra can, or donating a box or bag of groceries!

Don’t need the BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE? Give it to the Interfaith Food Bank.